Wide 3 Panel Span

Wide 3 Panel Span

Description: This piece is a 3 panel span that comes delivered as 3 separate pieces designed to be displayed next to each other to complete the wide angle image. Select the image that you would like from the drop down menu. Most images are available in the traditional 3 panel span but these spans are for wider images. Each panel measures 24" tall by 16" wide. In total this wide 3 panel span is 24" tall by 50" inches wide when the panels are mounted 1 inch apart. This spacing is up to you when you display the piece.


For metal panels, there are 2 mounting options and you must select the option that you would like from the drop down menu. No mounting option means that the panels will not have a way to be hung up on a wall. This option would be for mounting them inside frames. Option 2 is the float mount which allows you to display the panels as they are and will be separated off the wall by about an inch to create a 3D visual appearance. Wood and Canvas panels do not have any additional mounting options as the panels can be mounted as is.


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