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Matt Vaudo is a landscape and outdoor adventure photographer located in Northern New Hampshire, just north of the White Mountain National Forest. As a photographer, most of his work focuses on capturing moments in the outdoors and using it to tell stories. Landscapes are a major part of my work and I enjoy capturing the simple beauty of the world around me. Capturing landscapes allows me to be in awe of the world and to experience it quietly from the sidelines. There is a lot you can learn about a place by sitting quietly and watching. These times are when I appreciate what's around me most. Adventure photography is where I get to capture our relationships with nature. My aim is to hopefully craft a frame that takes the viewer on a journey and invokes emotion. Much of my work also focuses on commercial projects. This involves working with brands, companies, and organizations to tell their stories and showcase their products or services. The outdoors are special to me and photography is one of my favorite ways to interact with it.

One reason I think I find so much enjoyment in photography is the desire to portray a certain place or activity in the best way that I can. I feel such a strong attachment to certain places and an excitement about certain activities or adventures that I go on. There's nothing I want more than to make that place or adventure look as exciting as possible. I want other people to experience it. I want other people to be affected by it. I want other people to appreciate it as much as I do.

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