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So you'd like to purchase a print from us? Awesome! Are you confused by some of the options? Or maybe you have an idea of what you want but are in need of some additional help? The information on this page will highlight the material and size options that you have and will help you determine which options are right for you.

Want to frame your print but would rather have us take care of it? No problem! Contact us before or after making your purchase and we can discuss the details.



The size choice is an important one and it depends on two things:

(1) Where you plan to display your piece (2) How you plan to display your piece


You want your piece to fit the space well. Too big is too much and your print will drown out the rest of the space. Too small is not enough and your print will get lost in the space.

Grab a ruler or a tape measure and use that to help visualize what a print of any given size would look like in that space. You could also measure the space you have and try to imagine the print size that would look best in that space.

White office
Framed Print.png


Embossed Paper
Framed Print.png


Often frames will come with a mat, whether it's white or black. If they don't, mats can easily be purchased. Any mat will take a certain size print which will be mounted inside the mat. The print size you should choose is the size that the mat requires. An example is an 11x14 frame that takes an 8x10 print inside the mat. In this case, keep in mind that the overall size for your space is the outside dimensions of the frame.

Concrete Wall
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Here you will insert your print directly into the frame without the mat. With this method, you will want to stick your print onto a backing board of some kind. Often frames will come with this as well. In this case, your print size should match the overall interior size of the frame. In the example used previously, this would be 11x14. keep in mind that the overall size for your space is the outside dimensions of the frame.

Embossed Paper
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Materials like metal and canvas are stand-alone products, meaning they don't usually involve additional finishing processes like framing. In this case, sizing is simple because you choose the size for your print that fits the best in your space. Another option that fits in here is purchasing a paper print and simply hanging it like a poster. In this case, you will want to choose the size that fits the best in your space.