Mountain Goat Missions is a blog, video, and story telling platform produced by Outdoor Adventure Photographer Matt Vaudo of Matt Vaudo Photography. The inspiration behind the concept of mountain goat missions lies in the desire to get out and experience wild adventure, regardless of your circumstances. Adventure can always be had, even in the most unlikely or seemingly hopeless moments or circumstances. You only have one free day and you have nobody to join you? Go climb that mountain alone! Or go for that run! And don't be afraid to stop along the way and do whatever you want because it's your adventure. Bummed out because it's a Tuesday and let's face it, your office job gets a little boring? Go camping tonight, cook a hot meal, take a nice camp shower, sleep under the stars, and then head to work in the morning! Nobody will know, except a happier, more fulfilled you. Heck, if you share your own stories with some of your coworkers, maybe they'll want to join you next time! Mountain Goat Missions is a place where I tell stories about my own mountain goat missions, from camping to hiking, trail running and skiing. Sometimes it means throwing the gear in the car and driving 4 hours to a spectacular adventure location, and other times it's spending a night in the back of my car in the middle of the week because, well why Not! I'll be sharing it all! I currently live in the White Mountains so most of my adventures will be there but they certainly won't end there. There will also be plenty of posts and stories about my various outdoor setups and my gear. I will also be doing a series of posts and stories on the process of converting my Subaru Crosstrek into the bad#% camper I've always dreamed of! Stay tuned here and on the Mountain Goat Missions YouTube channel for more!